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Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure that can make your smile brighter and more attractive. Some patients choose to have their teeth whitened using a very effective laser treatment. Cole Aesthetic Clinic brings back many clients’ smiles with their Hollywood whitening treatment.

Why do teeth lose their whiteness

Healthy white teeth are always on everyone’s wish list. There are many reasons behind teeth discolouration. Every Child starts with beautiful white teeth, but lifestyle and ageing are the main reasons teeth lose their white colour.

The reasons behind tooth discolouration

1) Drinks- Drinks like cola, coffee, and wine make teeth stained.

2) Forget Dental Hygiene- Skip brushing your teeth is a nasty habit. That makes your teeth get stained from foods.

3) Using Tobacco- Smoking or chewing tobacco can make your teeth discoloured.

4) Ageing- Your teeth start to look more yellowish as you age because the enamel on your teeth gets worn away and exposes the yellow dentin.

5) Medication- Consuming certain drugs can make your teeth discoloured. It has been proved that few drugs discolour teeth in developing children. Drugs can affect enamel formation.

6) Dental Materials- Some dental materials can give a grey-black cast to your teeth.

teeth whitening

Hollywood Whitening Treatment

Not all laser teeth whitening treatments are the same. Cole Aesthetics Clinic uses the most advanced system for treating its clients. This is the safest and most effective teeth whitening procedure. 

Hollywood whitening treatment is a specially designed treatment that is perfect for your teeth as an individual in the detailed specification, from enamel type to the structure of your teeth and gums. You can see the instant result after a single treatment. 

Why to chose Hollywood whitening treatment?

The above reasons make your teeth discoloured. After a time, these stains penetrate deep inside the teeth. Like white clothes that have picked up dyes and can never regain their original brightness, stained teeth are challenging to whiten with conventional methods. Hollywood whitening is the solution to these problems.

teeth whitening

Benefits of Hollywood whitening treatment

1) Hollywood Whitening’s advanced technology cleans both the surface and the internal structure of the teeth.

2) Numerous clinical studies have proven that our system takes less than 1 hour to make your teeth sparkling white.

3) This is the most effective way to whiten the teeth without any side effects. 

4) This treatment whitens teeth stained by tetracycline, age, speckled by fluoride, yellowed by medicines or hereditary discolouration. 

5) The required time for this treatment is short, less than one hour. That is why you do not need to take any day off from your work.

6) Hollywood whitening effectively provides white teeth instantly after the treatment.

7) With this treatment, you can restore your top and the bottom front surface of teeth up to 14 shades brighter. 

The teeth whitening process

The teeth whitening process is pretty simple. The steps of Hollywood teeth whitening are-

1) First, your expert will place a rubber band in your mouth to keep it open.

2) Then, they will place a layer over your gum to protect them. The layer is to protect your gum from irritation and burning.

3) Once the layer forms, the expert will apply a teeth whitening gel to your teeth. Then they will use the laser to make the gel foam. When the gel turns into foam, it removes stains from your teeth. The process uses a mouth tray and a premium whitening gel for this easy one-hour treatment.

4) After all these, your expert will remove all the protections from your teeth.

teeth whitening

Side Effects

Hollywood whitening treatment is unlikely to cause any severe side effects. Sometimes people can face minor tooth sensitivity and minor gum irritation. They will last for a short time. Anyone need not worry about these. 


Within the 24 hours after the whitening procedure, experts recommend not to consume non-coloured food or drinks such as red wine, cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce, dark sauce, and food too hot or cold. Also, people should avoid coloured toothpaste, mouthwash, and tobacco products.

How long do teeth whitening treatments last?

Before getting a teeth whitening treatment, the first question that comes to mind is how long it will last? Well, they could last for 3-4 years. Yearly dental checkings can extend the duration of teeth whitening treatment.

Can I brush my teeth after teeth whitening?

It is better to avoid brushing after getting your whitening treatment done. If you want to brush your teeth, avoid coloured toothpaste, gel or mouth wash. They can make your teeth dis-coloured. Your expert will guide you with aftercare procedures. 

Who are clients for Teeth whitening treatment?

  • People should be over 18 for teeth whitening treatment.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, delay your teeth whitening treatment because it is not clear whether a laser is good or bad for the baby.
  • Your teeth and gums need to be healthy.

Before getting the treatment consult your expert. They can advise you the best.

teeth whitening


How Much Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost?

You get Hollywood teeth whitening treatment at a very reasonable price. Cole Aesthetics Clinic is running an offer Hollywood Whitening treatment. You can get 50% off on Hollywood Whitening. 

1-hour whitening treatment actual cost is  £150. We are offering a Hollywood teeth whitening pen just at £15. Hurry and make your appointment today.