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Glutanex Snow White Sheet Mask (1 Mask)


Quick and easy way to take care of thirsty skin! The serum is soaked in a soft pure cotton sheet that leaves skin feel at ease for those sensitive skin!

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Packed with highly concentrated antioxidants, Glutanex Snow White Sheet Mask was engineered to reveal brighter and more radiant skin. This mask promotes brightening, hydration, nourishment, and skin clarity to help achieve a dazzling look in just 15 minutes.

How to use:

1. Keep Sheet refrigerated at all times to get the full Snow White effect

2. After cleansing, place mask evenly onto face and leave for 15 minutes

3. Remove the sheet and gently pat and leave remaining essence into your skin

4. Use at night for full effect

– Instant skin brightening solution
– Calm and soothing effect
– Minimizes pores and regenerate skin