Black Doll Carbon Facial | Get The Best Unique & Special Facial Treatment

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes dark, discolored patches on the skin. The patches are darker than the usual skin tone. It typically appears symmetrically appear on both sides of the face. If you also have these dark patches on your face, you can get the Black doll carbon facial treatment from the Cole Aesthetics Clinic. 

The black doll carbon facial is a unique and special treatment that uses laser technology to treat minor skin problems. The short, rapid, and high-intensity pulses of light are used to destroy the debris clogged in the pores and upper layers of the skin. 

How does the black doll carbon facial work?

The face is cleansed first, then a thin layer of mineral-rich black carbon lotion is applied on the face. Then the laser light is used to vaporize the black particles of carbon and the superficial dead layer of skin. The black carbon used in the treatment is a Nano-activated carbon that contains Vitamin B3, B5, Amino acid, and a variety of marine minerals that are essential for glowing and radiating skin. Additional lasers are used to target facial issues like enlarged pores, pigmentation, melasma, scarring, and rough texture. 

How does the black doll carbon facial feel?

This treatment has been often described as feeling warm or prickly, but it is not painful. While undergoing the treatment, you can hear a loud click sound which is caused when the carbon particles are targeted by the laser. The light energy is absorbed by the carbon particles during the treatment. 

How long does the black doll carbon facial take?

This is a super-fast treatment. You just go in and come out within one hour.  The first time customers might take a bit longer time. But it usually takes about 20 minutes to do the actual treatment. Just in 20 minutes, you will be able to see the results.