Super Hair Removal | It Is Better Than The Alternative Ipl Hair Removal

The Super hair removal is a hair removing system that combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsed light for painless removal of hair. It is a sweeping process and non-laser technology for permanent removal of hair. It is better than the alternative IPL Hair Removal. 


IPL hair removal involves the usage of a single pulse of energy at high intensity, which targets the customers’ hair follicle and melanin. It works by releasing light in multiple wavelengths directly into the dermis. This treatment is suitable for people with darker and coarser hair. If a person of light skin tone gets this treatment, he/she will need more sessions. So, this IPL hair removal treatment is more effective on darker-skinned people. 


Then the relatively newer technology comes, The Super hair removal or SHR, which uses gentler pulses of energy at a higher frequency. This is a great treatment for targeting both the coarse and fine hairs. This painless treatment will cause less discomfort and works with greater efficiency. There are much less trauma and irritation on the skin after getting the laser in the Super Hair Removal treatment. That makes it suitable for everyone, irrespective of skin tone, and even for the customers with sensitive skin. That’s why people prefer SHR treatment over IPL hair removal treatment. 


The Super hair removal offered by the Cole Aesthetics Clinic is an attractive hair removal solution for all hair and skin types, even dark and black skins. The active hair growing follicles after the treatment will not grow back. Once the hair follicles are damaged by the laser in the Super hair removal treatment, they cannot grow back. It is not unusual for some patients to have a touch-up two years later the initial treatment due to hormonal changes.