Laser Tattoo Removal: Remove your tattoo with the help of a laser

If you want to remove your permanent tattoo with the help of a laser, then you need to follow the aftercare instructions properly. The removal process might create some burnt wounds treated to some immediate whitening treatment, but that alone is not enough. The healing stages are essential.

When you remove a tattoo, you want to see a fast result. But the speed of the removal process depends on the aftercare procedure. The health of your body has a connection to the area treated with laser removal to heal more quickly.

laser tattoo removal

Sometimes it takes a few sessions to remove the tattoo altogether. So the process takes multiple sessions gaped at least six weeks apart.

You need to follow the below-described things.

  • Keep the treated area dry and clean. Carefully and slowly wash the area with soap and water. Do not rub it, and pat dry.
  • You can apply some antibiotic ointment for the first three days after the laser tattoo removal. You can keep that area covered adequately with a sterile dressing for these three days. 
  • There could be some blisters after the tattoo removal. You do not need to get worried as these blisters are to heal over time. 
  • To reduce inflammation and discomfort, you can apply cold compresses. Also, you can take painkillers if the pain is inevitable. 
  • You should not pick at the scab or allow your skin to become entirely scraped; else, it might result in scarring and infection. You must avoid shaving in that area at any cost. 
  • You can take a shower 2 hours after the tattoo removal process. Just be careful that high-pressure water does not hit the affected area. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and baths are prohibited until the scabs and blisters heal completely.
  • Must do all kinds of exercise after the removal process. You should wear some sunblock cream like SPF in the area for three months after the removal.
  • You should not use any kind of makeup on the site for a specific period. 

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