Super Hair Removal | Benefits Which you will by Getting this Treatment

Aren’t you tired of waxing or shaving the body hairs you have? Repeatedly waxing and shaving can cause skin injures and infections. And the amount of pain you have to bear will let you know that these are really not the ways you should use. Why don’t you get rid of the hairs permanently? With the evolution of technology, people have come to get the pleasure of hair-free bodies with super hair removal.

Super hair removal is a laser technology that enables you to get rid of hair painlessly. The results obtained in this method of hair removal is obvious and painless. Even the finest and the tiniest hair can be removed by this laser technology. 

The other benefits which you will by getting this super hair removal treatment:

  1. Speed: This super hair removal machine repetition rate is 1 to 10Hz. The handpiece can shoot 10 shots in 1 second. It is 3 to 5 times faster method than the IPL treatment.
  2. Precision: This treatment can be used on any type of skin and hair. In this method, the hair follicle is damaged so that no hair grows from it afterward.

The laser energy that is used to damage the hair follicles heats up and destroys them. The time taken per session in the super hair removal treatment varies depending upon the area of the treatment. But it is mostly around 15-45 minutes. Plus, the surrounding area of the treated area has not interfered during the treatment as this treatment damages the hair follicles under control. 

Cole Aesthetics can assure you that this hair removal treatment can reduce up to 95% of your body hair. The hair follicles which are treated during the treatment will be damaged and will not be able to grow hair. It also depends on