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It has been seen people are very unsatisfied with their looks. That’s why people use different methods to make themselves look more beautiful and attractive. Looking better definitely boosts one’s confidence level. Some people use make-up while others believe in natural beauty. But natural beauty is hard to maintain as you start aging. It is really hard to get rid of the wrinkles or fine lines or the body fat which you might have put on after your third pregnancy. That’s when you need to get yourself the combination treatment that is provided by Cole Aesthetics. This treatment will help you feel more comfortable and look prettier and transform yourself into a new self. 

The combination treatment offered by Cole Aesthetics has multiple treatments offered in combination. The treatments included in the combination are: Anti-wrinkle Treatment and Dermal Fillers, Facial Revitalization VIP Package, Slimming Package, any skincare package of your choice, and vitamin shots. You are free to choose any two or more treatments offered in this combination treatment.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment: 

The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines or frown lines is one of the most common concerns of middle-aged people. As people grow old, it is natural that they start getting wrinkles and fine lines. But it is not necessary that you have to live with it for your entire life. You can just get rid of them by the anti-wrinkle treatment provided by Cole Aesthetics. These anti-wrinkle treatments are a muscle relaxant that helps in blocking the nerve impulses, which are causing the skin to wrinkle. Once the muscles are relaxed, the wrinkles smoothed out in the treated area, making their appearance less prominent. The primary areas that are treated are the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet. There are other areas like masseter jaw muscle, under the eye, pebbled chin, gummy smile, Nefertiti left, bunny lines, and hyperhidrosis. Depending upon how large of an area is to be treated, the number of consultation needed will vary. These treatments are way safer and more affordable than traditional methods.

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal filler treatment is the best treatment to smooth out the wrinkled skin and give you a more youthful appearance. In this treatment, hyaluronic acid is used, which is a naturally occurring substance that is found in our skin. It is mainly done around the nose and mouth to soften the lines that have appeared in the region. They can also be used to smooth out any scars or dents in the face and to define and enhance lips, define jawlines and plump out the cheeks, shape the chin, and rejuvenate the tear throughs. This treatment also helps in regaining the lost collagen of our skin. Cole Aesthetics has the best practitioners who use the latest techniques to give out the best results. Lip Augmentation is one of the most popular dermal filler treatment which has brought a smile to many clients’ face. The results of the treatment are visible immediately.  Other than lips, it is also used in the areas like smokers lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jawlines, chin, cheeks, tea throughs, and nose bump reshaping.

There is an amazing combination treatment of anti-wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers. This super-affordable combination treatment can be bought as per your need. Cole Aesthetics is offering three areas for anti-wrinkle treatment and 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, or additional dermal fillers.

Facial Revitalization VIP Package:

The Facial Revitalization VIP Package offered by Cole Aesthetics is an elite skincare treatment that helps in rejuvenation of the skin and provides an entire makeover of the skin. This supercharged combination treatment is the combination of anti-wrinkle treatments, bio tissue revitalization, skin resurfacing, fat dissolving, and skin lightening treatments. All the treatments that are provided in this combination treatment are quite popular in giving out the clients’ desired results. Within the facial revitalization VIP package, you will get Anti-wrinkle Treatment, Synlro Bio Revitalization Treatments, Epiderma5 Chemical Peels, Fat Dissolving Injections (Chin/Jawlines), Home Teeth Whitening Kit, and 30ml Skin Care Product Samples.   

Slimming Package:

This slimming package offered by Cole Aesthetics is a perfect combination treatment that will help you in losing fat and have your desired body. This is an amazing combination treatment that provides you with fat dissolving injections, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Lipotropic Vitamin B complex Vitamin Injection. The fat dissolving injections used during this treatment liquefies the fat cells, and destroy them permanently. It is a safe and effective treatment that involves a fat dissolving injection to reduce the fat cells in the treated area. It gives you the desired body shape you want and results stay for a long period. It mainly targets the fat in the areas like the chin, chest, abdomen, love handles, thighs, knees, and more. Just in 2-6 treatments, you will be able to get rid of fat from your desired area. With the fat dissolving injections at any 3 areas, you will be provided with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatments, and Lipotropic Vitamin B Complex Injections.

Skin Care Package of Your Choice:

It is a golden chance that Cole Aesthetics has come up with only for you. They are offering you multiple skin care treatments. There are multiple facial treatments that you can get in a combination with your desired ones. There are treatments like Cole Aesthetics Signature Facial, Diamond Microdermabrasion, Epiderma5 Chemical Peel, Water Jet Skin Peel, Dermaplaning, Super Hemp, and LED light treatment with every facial. You can choose whichever package you want to have. But we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by any of the above treatments. 

Boost your health and feel great with Essential Vitamin Shots:

Cole Aesthetics is providing you the most affordable vitamin shots. You can get two vitamin shots that will help in boosting your health and improves your immunity, which is much needed to keep living a healthy life. There are vitamin shots like Vitamin B12 Booster Shots, Vitamin C Booster Shots, and Lipotropic B-Complex Shot. These vitamin shots will help you manage the vitamin deficiency and enhance your athletic performance. Boosting immunity will prevent you from catching a cold, encourage collagen growth, lower hypertension, and even heart diseases like heart attacks or heart failures. It also helps in maintaining a healthy liver and all the metabolic activities of the body. 

All the above-mentioned combination treatments are offered by Cole Aesthetics so that you can freely decide which package you want based on the treatments you want. And if you want to get these treatments without the combination packages, you will still be able to get them on the Cole Aesthetics website. Plus, there are more treatments other than the above-mentioned ones.