PDO Thread Lift | What Is It And When To Get It? | Cole Aesthetics Clinic

Aging is a cruel reality that we cannot avoid. There’s no way you can stop it. However, thankfully there are ways but which you can at least reduce their appearance. It is no more than you have the surgical option as the only option. Dermatologists have come up with an amazing treatment that can help you reverse the signs of aging. One such treatment is PDO Thread Lift.

What is PDO Thread Lift?

This non-surgical PDO Thread Lift treatment involves reducing or eliminating the signs of aging using PDO thread placements. The threads are pulled to attain to provide as results as of a facelifting treatment. This helps in repositioning the skin tissues. This treatment is effective in regaining the youthful appearance of the neck and face. 

How does the PDO Thread Lift work?

Multiple threads are inserted at the points of insertion. The practitioner marks the point of insertion before starting the procedure of the treatment. The PDO threads are then attached to a cannula or needle. The practitioner will insert it in the skin and push it through the tissue underneath. 

When the thread reaches the endpoint, it will be released and the cannula will be removed from the skin. The practitioners might repeat the process for better results of face lifting. 

Finally, the practitioner will provide a gentle massage to smoothen out the threads and prevent any dimpling. 

When to go for the PDO Thread Lift treatment?

This non-surgical treatment will be great for you if you want to reduce the signs of aging or the appearance of sagging skin. Also, if you want to get your face lifted instantly without going through any surgical process, you can have that with this treatment. You can get this treatment from the best aesthetic treatment provider in the UK – The Cole Aesthetics Clinic.