Hayfever: How to find out the best treatment for Hayfever | Cole Aesthetics

Hayfever is a type of allergy that is caused by indoor or outdoor allergens like dust mites or pollen. The saliva or the tiny flecks of skin shed by cats or dogs may also trigger hay fever. The symptoms include running nose, itching, congestion, and sinus pressure.

This disease has become quite popular in the 21st century, because of a surge in the pollution level. However, science has paved the way for different ways of treating it. The best treatment is to avoid exposure to objects that trigger the allergy. Doctors advice Certain blood tests and skin prick tests to determine the type of allergy the patient is suffering from. 

Many other doctors recommend a combination of different medications to treat hay fever. It is better to opt for generic brands. Generic antihistamines cost less than others. Also, it is a good idea to buy the medicines from a discount store, because it doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Let us discuss specific ways to find the best treatment for hayfever. They are as follows:

  • It is wise to choose a supermarket-owned brand. It costs less than many other established brands. However, the customers should confirm that the active ingredient of the medicine is mentioned in the foil of the drug.
  • The amount of medicine depends upon the severity of the disease. It is challenging to choose the correct remedy if the patient suffers from hay fever throughout spring or summer.
  • It is mandatory to let the doctor decide on which medicine to choose. They may advise an antihistamine through a nasal spray or some nasal decongestant.


Hay fever may not be entirely cured. However, Cole Aesthetic Clinic in the UK prescribes an antihistamine. In case it provides too many side effects, the clinic recommends a steroid as an alternative. The steroid reacts strongly against the inflammation. It also suppresses the allergic reaction of the body. Both the measures keep hay fever at bay.