Dermal Filler: Treatment and the price | Cole Aesthetics Clinic

Dermal Filler Treatment offers you a lot more than other skincare or reshaping treatment. But comparatively, the pricing is within the affordability of most of the people. Make sure you are getting the best with whatever you are spending. The procedure is less time-consuming too. But before taking any decision, do make sure to check the detailed pricing of the product. 

Treatment and the price

As per the area and the part of the body, the cost of the Dermal Filler treatment differs. The price is in approximate numbers. The detail list is here-
  1. Lip Filler 0.5ml- 99 Euro
  2. Lip Filler 1.0ml- 149 Euro
  3. Cheek Filler 1ml- 149 Euro
  4. Cheek Filler 2ml- 275 Euro
  5. Smokers Line 1ml- 149 Euro
  6. Marionette Lines 1ml- 149 Euro
  7. Marionette Lines 2ml- 275 Euro
  8. Nasolabial folds 1ml -149 Euro
  9. Nasolabial folds 2ml- 275 Euro
  10. Chin sculpting 1ml-149 Euro
  11. Chin sculpting- 275 Euro
  12. Non-surgical nose shaping 1ml- 199 Euro
  13. Tear troughs 1ml- 199 Euro
  14. Jawline enhancement 2ml- 275 Euro
  15. Jawline enhancement 3ml- 375 Euro
  16. 2ml cheeks and 1ml lips- 375 Euro
  17. 5ml Dermal Filler Package- 549 Euro

This treatment is quite reasonable as per the features of services and the quality they are providing. But if you can save your money and go for the total package, you will get benefited at a low price. When you plan to undergo such treatment, keep in mind that less price comes with some risks too. If you are going to get guaranteed service, it will cost a definite amount. 

For standard quality service and skincare treatment like dermal filler, you need to contact Cole Aesthetics. They will offer you the whole treatment with a guarantee of quality within an affordable budget.