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ost-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, also known as PIH, mainly affects the face and body. Its color generally ranges from pink to red, brown, or black. Its color varies depending on the skin of the affected person and the depth of discoloration. Men and women are equally affected by this hyperpigmentation. The root cause of this skin problem is an increase in melanin production. The best way to reduce the discoloration of the skin is to get Super Facial Treatment.

Cole Aesthetics offers a number of Super Facial Treatments. One of them is the Epiderma5 Chemical Peel. The peel contains glycolic about 40% or 70%. 40% glycolic skin peel provides adequate exfoliation without causing any harm to the stratum corneum, as there won’t be any actual peeling that can be seen with the naked eye. 

The certified experts of Cole Aesthetics will also offer a 70% glycolic skin peel, which is a stronger concentration that will need some prior AHA 40 treatments. This entire Epiderma5 treatment is really effective in reducing the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  The treatment is perfectly balanced with actives, botanicals, and essential oils, to offer you the optimal results and boosting the skin health.

Other benefits that the glycolic acid contained in this Super Facial Treatment can offer are:

  1. Reduces your acne along with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  2. Reduces pigmentation caused by sun and age-spots or by hormonal influencers.
  3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Reduces the oiliness of the skin by controlling the production of sebum.
  5. Improves the texture of the skin.
  6. Reduces the dryness of the skin through exfoliation.

By getting the treatment from the pro experts of Cole Aesthetics, you can effectively reduce the hyperpigmentation with the inflammation because of which you really had a hard time. Get the treatment and start loving your new self.