Black Carbon Laser Treatment: Is It Really Helpful in Rejuvenating Skin?

You should not be afraid to undergo laser skin care treatment. Black Carbon Laser Treatment is one of such kinds of treatment that helps to exfoliate the skin in the best manner possible. You will be entering the next-generation of skin-caring with this. It does not burn the skin, also it is invasive and painless. 

What is Black Carbon Laser treatment?

For treating minor skin imperfections and providing a glow from within the Black Carbon, treatment is a must. In this treatment, the skin gets rejuvenated-

  • A Q-switched Nd-Yag Laser machine is used for the treatment
  • The machine creates small, yet fast high-intensity light pulses. 
  • These light pulses demolish the debris stored in the pores over the upper skin layer. 
  • The process of cleaning the pores is gentle and full of comfort. 
  • Once face cleansing is done, a layer of thin minerally-rich black carbon lotion is used over the skin. Then the moving laser light on the upper layer of the skin evaporates the black carbon molecules. 
  • This black carbon is nano-activated and consists of Amino Acid, Vitamin B3, B5, and several minerals that offer radiant complexion. 
  • Along with all these, the laser identifies skin imperfections like pigmentation, scarring, rough texture, melasma, enlarged pore, dead skin, and more. These all get cured without any harm. 

Helpful in rejuvenating skin?

Black Carbon Laser Treatment rejuvenates your skin from the core. On the one hand, the laser cleanses from the depth, and the black carbon cleanses the skin from its components. Both these elements make the skincare treatment procedure more effective. You can contact Cole Aesthetics Clinic for such treatment and experience the excellent results yourself. Their team of experts make your problem their priority.