Hair Removal Treatment : 12 Facts to Know Before Getting A Treatment

Hair removal is quite a standard skincare treatment that everyone undergoes regularly. This is not something, for which you need time to make a decision. But with technological advancement, you can get unique and innovative treatment for hair removal too. This new technique will never cause pain. Instead, you will get an excellent result: Know the facts before undergoing such hair removal treatment. 

12 things to know 

For undergoing hair removal treatment, you must know these details about the procedure-

  1. The best epilation technology is used in this hair removal treatment.
  2. The system for the treatment combines laser technology along with pulsed light to create a thorough process. 
  3. With a non-laser technology, you will get permanent hair removal care with no other side effects. 
  4. The in-motion process of non-laser technology has made it less uncomfortable and smooth.
  5. The process offers a faster, smoother, seamless, pain-free hair removal experience. 
  6. The laser fire creates a sensation at the hair follicles to produce heat and then remove the hair. The heat feels like a warm massage. 
  7. In-motion technology is used over the treated skin with a moving handpiece for better results.
  8. The technology is suitable for all kinds of hair like white, brown, and blonde too. 
  9. The rate of hair removal is 1-10Hz. The handpiece if the machine can shoot 10 shots at a second. 
  10. The process of hair removal is 3-5 times with this technology comparably. 
  11. Irrespective of the skin type, like tanned or white or in between, the treatment supports every skin quality and color. 
  12. The treatment guarantee of 95 hair reduction permanently. It means the result of the treatment is to stay with you forever. 

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